E-Smog Protection Angle

"There’s a lot of electricity in my restaurant’s kitchen. Since I installed Plocher E-Smog Protection Angles, my employees and I are less stressed. Even the dining room is more relaxed." G.C. Sherbrooke (Quebec)

"Our house is heated by electricity. Since we’ve installed the Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle on our power supply, I feel more relaxed in our house." P.F. Saint-Jean (Quebec)


Product #: HA-6111 

Packaging: one (1) piece

Material: Stainless steel

Price: $120



The Plocher® E-Smog Protection Angle reduces, even eliminates, the harmful effects of electro-smog generated by electrical lines and appliances.


The information frequencies emitted by the E-Smog Protection Angle inverses the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. It repolarizes the levogyral radiation, a destructuring and weakening radiation that turns towards the left, to a restructuring and revitalizing dextrogyral radiation that turns towards the right.

Thanks to the E-Smog Protection Angle, the energy field of people exposed to normally harmful radiation can stay stable or improve. It is possible to demonstrate the action of the E-Smog Protection Angle by using bioenergetic or kinesiology measurements.

This device does not protect from the harmful frequencies of cellphones. For this, we recommend the Plocher® E-Smog Protection Pendant.


Fix an E-Smog Protection Angle to the exterior of the power cable or pipe entering the fuse box, otherwise directly on the outside of the box. Never place inside the box where there are live wires! A second E-Smog Protection Angle should also be placed on the water pipe entering the building to keep your water free from electromagnetic pollution coming from either the ground wire that is often attached to it, from electric wires touching the pipes, or from a water pump submerged in a well.

If you’re unable to treat the whole house or office, you can put a E-Smog Protection Angle on a multiple extension cord to counter the radiation of plugged appliances.

You can also install one in the car, attached to the power cable of the battery.

Since the average home rarely uses more than 100 amperes at once, one E-Smog Protection Angle can neutralize a 200-ampere electric panel. However, if the usage is stronger (due to special equipment or a high-drain electric heating system for example) we recommend the installation of two (2) E-Smog Protection Angles to ensure proper E-Smog protection.


For your security, the E-Smog Angle must NEVER be in contact with a bare or non protected wire.


None of the Plocher® products pose a risk for its users. Find out more about our other domestic products available!

Studies and Research

  • Scientific evidence of the positive effects of the Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle - The Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle changes the harmful influence of electricity so its negative effects on living organisms are switched off, and its positive effects can be recognized. Read more