Are you concerned about the quality of the food you and your family eat? Certainly, no one wants to eat food that has lost some of its taste and vitality. This amazing board is a great investment! You can place grocery bags on it when you’re back from the store, you can let fruits ripen on it, or even serve meals on it, etc. You will really appreciate its effectiveness. In addition, it is beneficial for people with fragile health.

Often, the food you buy at the market or the store, whether it's organic or not, has been transported over long distances and stored in less than optimal conditions. Then, we cook, refrigerate or freeze the food. All these actions contribute to alter its vitality and quality.

Only Plocher® could figure out how to concentrate and embed natural ambient energy into a wooden board so that it emits frequencies that improve the taste and vitality of food. This is natural high-tech! Always look for the Plocher® logo for guaranteed effectiveness for many years.

We offer you the Plocher® Board for Food, the Plocher® Board for Beverages and the Plocher® Coasters Set for Food, which are six small boards you can take anywhere with you.