Plocher® Food Board

plateau pour aliments



Product #: HA-8511 

Material: Beechwood

Size: 24 cm diameter

Price: $60




With the Plocher® Food Board:

  • Tastes, aromas and vitality are reinforced,
  • Conservation and storage capacity are enhanced,
  • Digestion is facilitated.


You only need to put food, milk or beer (as their properties are more like that of food than drink) on the Board for a couple of minutes to see a change. Note that you can also get the Plocher® Coasters, which work the same way. For vitalizing your drinks, we offer the Plocher® Beverage Board.


  • When placing pineapples on the Plocher® wooden food board, they become sweeter and less acid as they ripen. I.B. Magog Québec
  • My expensive organic fruits, even cut, preserve themselves longer when I put them on this Plocher® board. Bouquets of flowers also last longer. J.B., Compton, Quebec