Vitalize Your Crops

Accelerating and optimizing natural

processes is profitable!

Plocher® presents a system of products working together to recreate a naturally healthy crop environment, allowing agricultural systems  to regenerateand grow produce more efficiently. Extensive research has led us to realize that Plocher® products are the most harmonious, powerful and stable in their category.

Here are the products we propose for your plants and soil:

Plocher Vital Soil Soil activator and humus builder

AK-7071 (organic molasses 10L)

     - Regenerates and improves soil structure rapidly;

     - Activate soil biodiversity for healthier and more abundant plant growth with better taste and increase storage time;

   - Better and quicker recycling of crops residues, attracting less insects and diseases*

   - Encourages the growth of favorable soil bacteria and fungus;

   - Increases soil hygiene for a better resistance to diseases;

    - Accelerates development of humus;

   - Better water management in soil;

   - Activated and regenerated soils support longer periods of growth on soil that is more resistant to erosion;

   - Reduction of many unwanted weeds over time;

   - With Plocher® Vital Soil minerals and trace elements become more accessible to plants;

* Due to a natural environment bioremediation process that enables healthier plan growth. None of our products have pesticidal actions.


Plocher P – Plants

AP-3071 (organic molasses 10L)

AP-3051 (dolomite 10KG)

For your seeds, seedlings and plants, this product brings:

   - Better vitality, survival and initial stage qrowth durung and after seeding, sowing and transplanting; during seeding, sowing and transplanting;

   - More optimal, efficient and stable crop growth;

   - More flowering over a longer period of time; 

   - Better insect resistance due to higher Brix readings in plant sap;

   - Better plant management of water whether with drought or wet conditions;

   - Larger leaves and better crop taste;

Plocher P – Plant Combo

AP-3752 (magnesium sulphate 10KG)

   - Strengthens the plant natural defences;

   - Help weakened plants;

   - Accelerates cell regeneration after damage from hail;

   - Plants appreciate it during stressful cloudy times;

   - For the most important stresses the dosage can be increased ti 1 kilo per hectare or 400 grams per acre;

Plocher P – Leaf Special

AP-3471 (organic molasses 10L)

Combine with Plocher P – Plants to:

     - Reinforce chlorophyll activity, especially during cloudy periods;

   - Stimulate biological activity in leaves and soil;

   - Increase leaf activity and growth;

   - Support nitrogen-fixing bacteria on the leaf and in the soil;

To activate the activity of notrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil, mix with Plocher® Vital Soil.

Ask for our Vital Spray Plans for using these products with different crops.

The importance of water quality is often underestimated. Enquire about our wide range of products to treat your water.