Vitalize Your Crops


Optimizing natural processes is profitable!

Plocher® presents a system of products working together to recreate a naturally healthier environment allowing nature to regenerate itself more efficiently. Extensive research has led us to realize that Plocher® products are the most harmonious, powerful and stable in their category.

Here are the products we propose for your plants and soil:

Plocher S – Soil activator (product divided in three components: zone 1-2-3)
When these three components are applied together, their synergy allows for:
   - Better soil structure, therefore less erosion and compaction, affording better root system development
   - Soil biodiversity activation for healthy plant growth and greater vitality
   - Better decomposition of crop residues, attracting less insects and diseases*
ak-175010 kg
* Due to a natural environment bioremediation process that enables healthier plan growth. None of our products have pesticidal actions.

Plocher P – Plants
For your seeds, seedlings and plants, this product brings:
   - Better vitality during seeding, sowing and transplanting
   - Optimal, efficient and harmonious growth
ap-3021750 g(dolomite)
ap-30411.5 kg(dolomite)
ap-305110 kg(dolomite)
ap-30611.5 l(molasses)
ap-307110 l(molasses)

Plocher P – Vital F1
Apply with Plocher P – Plants to:
   - Strengthen natural defences of plants
   - Help weakened plants
   - Accelerate cell regeneration
ap-32422 kg
ap-325210 kg

Plocher P – Kaleaf
Combine with Plocher P – Plants to:
   - Increase leaf activity and growth
   - Reinforce chlorophyll activity, specially during cloudy periods
ap-30412 kg
ap-303110 kg

The importance of water quality is often underestimated. Enquire about our wide range of products to treat your water.