Piggeries - Integral Solutions

Well-being and Productivity

Fodder additives - Easy application in drinking water or fodder 

AT-9051 - Plocher T - Alimentary support for animals 

AT-9451 - Plocher T - Alimentary support for piglets

  • Vitality from the very start
  • Well-being
  • Feed production as per the Plocher Vital plan


Water Improvement with Plocher Kat 

A simple installation of a Plocher Kat to the water pipe will give your water better taste and better vitality

AW-4611 - Plocher Kat - Water Catalizer

AW-4311 - Plocher Kat - Industrial

  • Revitalizes your water
  • Cleans and protects pipe system
  • Prevents build-up of lime, reduces contaminants
  • Improves animals' water consumption
  • Improves animals' metabolism


Simple, Natural, Barn Hygiene


 Bedding - Natural hygiene through aerobic milieu - optimal barn climate

AF-1651 - Plocher H - Slurry Treatment

AK-1551 - Plocher K - Compost and Manure Activator 


  • Aerobic composting process starts in the barn
  • Better barn climate - significant reduction of ammonia, etc.
  • Reduction of flies*
  • Creates a milieu for beneficial organisms
  • Decreased bedding volume


Upgrade your slurry to a top-grade organic fertilizer

Slurry - Slurry is available as liquid humus 

AF-1651 - Plocher H - Slurry Treatment

  • Saves energy through homogenisation of slurry
  • Natural hygiene, reduction of odours and flies
  • Aerobic milieu - significant reduction of pathogenic organisms*
  • Higher fertilizer value through binding of the nitrogen
  • Aerobic slurry/manure = protection of soil, plants, water, climate 


Optimum Stable Climate

AR-5541 - All-Purpose Cleaner

Stable sanitation - Food Grade Natural Cleaner 

  • Cleaning without killing beneficial microorganisms
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • No waiting time


 * Pathogenic germs, flies and larva reduction following the use of Plocher® products is due to a bioremediation process of the environment. Plocher products have no germicidal, pesticidal or bactericidal action.  

Studies and Research

  • Pig Trial Report from Spain - Biologists and the Department of research and applied technology of Vic University (Sart) have conducted trials to validate the efficiency of Plocher products. Read more