MUST SEE! WATER: The Secret Power of Water - Short video


For those interested in water and water quality, we have found a remarkable video for you to watch:


WATER: The Secret Power of Water*


This 20-minute excerpt is from one of the best documentaries we have ever found on the importance of water and its molecular structure. Note the discussion at the 7-minute mark on water’s capacity to memorize the information of all the materials it has been in contact with before it gets to you. This is where our Plocherkats are extremely useful: Not only do they revitalize water by restructuring it in a way resembling natural spring water, but they also help to erase memories of toxic pollutants, restoring it to a healthier state.


* The video is in French - To watch it with English subtitles, click CC on the bottom right. If the video isn’t translated automatically, click on the gear next to CC and choose “Automatic Translation” and then choose “English.”  Please note however that the quality of the translation is rather poor. Note also that the captions are easier to read in full screen.


We’re very pleased to be able to offer you the complete range of Plocherkat water treatment products for homes, businesses and farms.

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