Plocher® System

Impulse to think differently!

« A variety of products that work with the forces of nature to stimulate and strengthen natural forces of auto-recovery. »

In 1980, a severe disease suddenly changed the conception and the vision of Roland Plocher. He starts then a long search to discover the key of basis force of life. Innumerable observations in nature pushed him to a comprehension of this energy, which brings him to build a unique equipment to concentrate this energy form, owner of the communication in nature. This equipment, which has been polished and improved, served in the creation of many innovative products that proved their plus value to restore the environment.

Practical applications and experimentations had given specific results that we know today. One of the major aspect known to date is the large spectrum of beneficial effects for human being, plants and animals without any harmful impacts on environment.

Assuredly, the Plocher® system is unprecedented and isn’t based on already known theories or conventional methods of research. Rather, it is based on nature and natural cycles of life. Plocher® system treats causes rather than symptoms and few ressources are needed during the production. It has been built with the intention of restoring natural cycles. It means that now it is possible to practice an ecological agriculture in respect of nature and be profitable.

Roland Plocher considers that it’s his duty towards the humanity to motivate and encourage others to participate to the achievement of his goal: recreate the symbiosis between man and nature. We all share the desire of a better future… His system presents turnkey solutions which should help change attitudes and start transformations!

A new energy

More and more scientific environments recognize the existence of energy forms different then magnetism, electricity, radioactivity, chemical and thermal energies.

It is one of those other energy forms that Roland Plocher uses in his system of products. Researches have always noticed that the development of this energy produces practical results that can be easily measured, quantified and reproduced without  limits.

Every vital processes are a form of energy based on vibratory patterns of different frequencies. Each element has its own oscillatory pattern which, when perturbed, becomes weak or sick. It is based on this concept that Roland Plocher could conceive a system that reactivates and keeps the original oscillatory pattern. This way, symptoms are treated as well as the source of the problem.

The Plocher® energy system allows to endow a chosen carrier material (calcium carbonate, dolomite, wood, aluminium, etc.) with specific informations. Invested by active properties, the materials trigger, without any negative secondary effect, the desired processes in the environment to be treated, as homeopathy does. Results are obtained by a natural propagation of the oscillatory pattern of regeneration. A natural cycle has then been reactivated.

PROFITABLE, ECOLOGICAL et EFFECTIVE, all Plocher® products are subject to many trials and researches. Their effectiveness has been proven for over 35 years!

Symbionature was born from a vision in which agriculture feeds people with radiant, healthy food without contributing to the deterioration of the environment and the health of consumers and producers.

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