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Plocher® Angle e-smog protection for building



Today, electricity is omnipresent around us and we could hardly live without it. Although we might not want to, we are exposed to electromagnetic fields surrounding our environment (at home, work, at the hospital, in restaurants or shops, etc.). From these fields arise certain pollutant frequencies that destructure and weaken our organism. Fortunately we have a solution!

This simple looking metal angle took years to develop, but now pleases many consumers around the globe with its long lasting effectiveness. In seconds, you can change the electromagnetic radiation electricity in your house or workplace from being health and energy draining to uplifting for your body and soul.

Like the Plocher® Pendant, which can also act on cellular frequencies of the bearer, the angle protects from the electromagnetic pollution generated by electrical power and appliances (stove, motor, television, heating elements, etc.). It emits waves that repolarize the damaging ones produced by this type of pollution.

Many will feel the effects of the Plocher® Angle can be felt the moment it is installed and for many years on. It can be placed directly on the fuse box or easily fixed to electrical cables, multiple extension cords and car batteries with cable ties (tie-wrap). One angle only is sufficient for a standard family home, but a second one can be attached on the water pipe inlet as it often touches electrical wiring, including ground wires, thus is subject to electromagnetic pollution. With the device, your water is healthier for those who drink and use it.

See how easy it is to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution, whether it’s to offer a better living environment to your family or to help you, your employees and your colleagues breeze through the hardest days of work.


« Our house is heated by electricity. Since we’ve installed the Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle on our power supply, I feel more relaxed in our house. » - P.F., St-Jean (Quebec) « There’s a lot of electricity in my restaurant’s kitchen. Since I installed Plocher E-Smog Protection Angles, my employees and I are less stressed. Even the dining room is more relaxed. » - G.C., Sherbrooke (Quebec)