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Plocher® Harmonizer for building



Monks in ancient times had ways of knowing the healthiest places to build their cult places. In these modern times, homes and workplaces are situated more by convenience than by health aspects.

The Earth emits natural frequencies that can, however sometimes, be disturbing and unhealthful for some living creatures. Underground cracks in stone formations, crossing water veins and other geological factors can be also bothersome. The field of geobiology describes this as geopathic stress, telluric disturbances and different network quadrants on the earth’s surface (Hartman, Curry, etc.). Fortunately, the Plocher® Harmonizer rebalances and increases the vibratory level of homes, apartments, offices, commercial and industrial buildings. It has the effect of lowering stress levels and raising energy levels of people within a 15 metre radius.

Easy to use, you only have to place the Harmonizer on the floor of your home or office, in a central place, flat site down. A trained professional may be able to locate specific trouble spots for more precise placement.


« After putting a Plocher Area Harmonizer in our conference room, I noticed that people were more receptive to the information given by the speakers, and that they stayed longer after the lectures. I also installed an Area Harmonizer, in my stable, in the stall of a slightly agressive mare. Shortly after, her behaviour improved. » - J.R., North Hatley (Quebec)