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Plocher® Pendant e-smog protection



Thousands of people around the world have felt the beneficial effects of the Plocher® Pendant year after year. Do you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution? Maybe you feel more exhausted when you are in a room full of electricity? If so, this Pendant is exactly what you need! Clients have told us they feel less tired at work or while commuting (plane, car, train).

The Plocher® Pendant, by repolarizing these destructuring frequencies, has proven to be an effective personal protection against electromagnetic pollution generated by electrical power and appliances (stoves, motors, computers, heating elements, etc.) as well as by cellphones. At Symbionature, after many trials, we have found this Pendant to be the strongest and yet the most harmonious product of its type as well as being reasonably priced.

We know it looks plain, Plocher® is more concerned with effects and practicality than with fashion, that is why the Pendant is light, comfortable and discreet. It is sculpted in Plocherized zirbe wood and contains in its centre informed quartz powder. In addition, zirbe wood, a type of pine tree found mostly in the Alps, is recognized for its relaxing benefits. As long as you carry it with you (wear it like any other pendant or put it in a pocket for example), its action is immediate and lasts for many years.

For more practical information, look at our technical sheet.

To protect your home or your office, we propose the Plocher® Angle e-smog protection for building.


« I work in a government building, in front of a computer all day. My brain usually turns to jelly around 11 a.m. With the Plocher E-Smog Protection Pendant, I can now go thru my day and even organize an activity in the evening. Moreover, it leaves me with a pleasant, relaxed feeling. » - S.N., Helena (Montana) « The Pendant increases my stamina by 20 to 30% at work and when I travel. I have purchased some for my employees and for my family. » - M.A., Sherbrooke (Quebec) « I work in a metal and cement building. When I wear my Pendant, I’m less tired at the end of the day. » - J.P., Montreal (Quebec)