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Plocher H - Slurry Treatment



You might not have realized yet how much money you could be saving by treating your slurry. Since excrements are part of the natural cycle of life, it is great that we can use them as fertilizer (slurry or manure) instead of simply discarding them. But right now, you are not using your liquid manure at its full natural potential, it is actually toxic in so many ways. When you start treating it with Plocher® H, oxygenation is favoured, promoting its appropriate composting and transforming it into a better, less toxic fertilizer: liquid HUMUS !

Results using Plocher® H:

  • Fertilizing elements stay bound together.  ->  less evaporation and leaching into groundwater  ->  less odours + less pollution + less nutrient loss + better fertilizing value of slurry  ->  more yield + less need for additional fertilizer
  • Your liquid manure doesn’t rot, it decomposes.  ->  less pathogenic bacteria + more beneficial micro-organisms  ->  better soil quality
  • Ammonia-nitrogen, which is normally triggered, is transformed into organic nitrogen.  ->  less burning of leaves and roots when spreading  ->  better assimilation of nutrients by plants  ->  more nutritious, digestible and better-tasting plants + less need for alimentary supplements
  • The quantity of toxins in crops is reduced.  ->  less need for antitoxins + less risk of contamination  ->  less diseases + less need for veterinary care
  • Slurry stays homogenous.  ->  easier and faster mixing + less blockage in spray nozzles + more equal fertilization in fields
  • Hygiene in barn is improved and proliferation of flies is reduced.*


Plocher® H, it is 100 % natural calcium carbonate that has been Plocherized (embedded with biodynamic resonances of oxygen and other elements). It is, therefore, simple to apply. You only have to mix it with water, then pour the preparation in your pit or in your animal buildings with a watering can (that will be supplied with your first order). Note that only a small amount of product is needed for each utilization.

You can treat your slurry directly in your pit (holding tank or piston) in only three applications of product, but we recommend to apply in barn for the benefits of your animals. To this end, apply in gutters or bedding, wherever the animals stand and droppings fall (ideally weekly for dairy productions and, for pork productions, once before the pigs arrive and twice during production time). Also, spray floors and walls in the year.

Plocher® H can be used to treat the liquid manure of all animals. For more information, call us at 1 866 348-3258 and speak to our specialist, or visit our Web page on slurry treatment.

*Due to an environment bioremediation process. No pesticide or other chemical agent is used in the making of the product.


« "Each week, we apply the Plocher® H slurry treatment and we see the difference year after year in field performance in terms of the quality and quantity of our agricultural harvests. The benefits of using Plocher products are noted specially in the Fall during harvest time." In addition, the owner of the D.L. Comeau farm save time and money when slurry mixing time comes since it is more digested. The company that stirs their slurry had estimated the mixing time at 6 hours. In fact, it took about 2 hours, that is 4 hours less than expected. Due to the action of the Plocher product, much of the fertilizing value of the slurry does not evaporate into the air (less odors) and leached into streams and lakes (reducing pollution). The slurry treatment that Symbionature offers is ideal for farmers who want to get more crops, buy less fertilizer and reduce their costs.Symbionature customer for 10 years! » - S.C. Dairy Farmer, Ferme D.L. Comeau Henryville « Alfalfa no longer burns after spreading the Plocher treated slurry. Silage production increased by about 25%. In addition, with the better fertilizing efficiency of our slurry, we saved $3000.00 in chemical fertilizer! » - M.L., dairy farmer - St-Gervais, QC « Before, it would take about 8 hours to stir my pit. Thanks to Plocher® it only takes 3-4 hours. » - H.M., beef producer - Lacolle, QC « Before, I had migraines when I was stirring my slurry. Not anymore! with also, the reduced odors, the neighbors are no longer inconvenienced. » - F.R., dairy farmer - Hatley, QC « When I apply some Plocher ® in the maternity there are far fewer flies. » - M.D., pig producer - Compton, QC « When I stir, the slurry remains homogeneous in my pit for a week. There are no more clumps and there are fewer odors. » - J.S., dairy farmer - Comton, QC