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Plocher Kat - Large model

HW 4611


Today, water is exposed to a large number of stresses, which require complextechnical and cost-intensive treatments. The quality of the water may be "correct" from a chemical, analytical point of view, but the energetic side of water, the energy source of water, is frequently ignored.

Due to the targeted catalytic effect of the Plocher® Kat, the water can be returned to its original energetic spring water structure. That is, thePlocher® Kat provides its selected "information resonances" of spring water and vital oxygen to the water.

This process achieves the desired vitalizing effect in drinking water. Thanks to the Plocher® Kat, the quality of tap water compares to that of spring water.

The Plocher® Kat is easily installed directly on the exterior of your water pipe, no plumbing required. It doesn’t touch the water. No maintenance is required.

Vitalizes up to 1500 litres per day. For larger consumptions, several devices can be installed.


« I was rather skeptical, and I purchased the Plocher Kat water treatment more out of curiosity than by convinction. The results ar most amazing for such a small device! Two weeks after its installation, my plumbing system was cleaned of its lime deposits and I began to enjoy drinking tap water again rather than bottled water. The water is softer in the shower and has lost its odours, there are less residues from evaporation and the walls are easier to clean. In short, I made a good deal! » - J.P., Montreal (Quebec) « We have purchased the Plocher Kat catalizers to improve the quality of our water. The results are truly amazing: We have increased milk production by two (2) litres per cow, per day; the cleaning of the milk line is much more easier and the taste of the water has really improved! » - M.H., Dairy farmer - Warwick (Quebec) « With the Plocher® Kat, water is as soft as with a water softener, without the inconvenience of the salt that the cows end up drinking, and that we have to add on a regular basis. » - D.R., Dairy farmer - St-Camille (Quebec) « Before installing a Plocher water catalyzer, our drinking water didn’t taste good, with an unpleasant aftertaste. Its colour was greyish-white, and it left residues in the dog’s bowl. A week after installing the catalyzer, the water tasted better, the colour was improved and it didn’t leave any residues in the dog’s bowl. » - C.G., St-Sylvère « "I have the Plocher Kat installed after all the filtration devices on the cold domestic water line, just before it splits to hot and cold. Three weeks after installing the Plocher Kat our water was tested for hardness by our local water equipment servicing company. The results were 5 grains of hardness, they said anything below 7 grains of hardness would not require a water softener, so now we have bypassed the water softener unit completely. I do think the water feels softer, has a creamy consistency and is tasting better. I also see a difference in my house plants, they look healthier and seem to be growing faster. And I feel better about all of my animals, dogs, cats, chickens and horses drinking the Plocher treated water.’’ » - V.E., Barto (PA)