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Plocher Kat - small format (clip)



Today, water is exposed to a large number of stresses, which require complextechnical and cost-intensive treatments. The quality of the water may be "correct" from a chemical, analytical point of view, but the energetic side of water, the energy source of water, is frequently ignored.

Due to the targeted catalytic effect of thePlocher® Kat, the water can be returned to its original energetic spring water structure. That is, the Plocher® Kat provides its selected "information resonances" of spring water and vital oxygen to the water.

This process achieves the desired vitalizing effect in drinking water. Thanks to the Plocher® Kat, the quality of tap water compares to that of spring water.

The Plocher® Kat is easily installed directly on the exterior of your water pipe, no plumbing required. It doesn’t touch the water. No maintenance is required.

Vitalizes up to 600 litres per day. 

This small catalyser has the same features than the model with screws, but it attaches simply with a clip, making it very useful when you move around. For a water as good as home, everywhere!


« I use the Plocher catalyzer in the kitchen and it’s fascinating to see how the water from the kitchen faucet is different than the water from the rest of the apartment! The water from the kitchen is softer and has no taste, compared to the water from the bathroom that always leaves an aftertaste in my mouth. It’s a simple solution with instant results, and I don't fill up my recycling bin with empty plastic jugs! » - C.M., Montreal (Quebec)