Studies & Research

Trial Results that shows positive effects of the Plocher Kat on Ferruginous Water -

Detailed trial results on the effects of the Plocher Kat on ferruginous water. You can compare the analysis results and pictures BEFORE and AFTER the installation right here. You'll be amazed!

Institute of nuclear chemistry -

Dr. E. Langenscheidt's study shows that water treated with the Plocher Kat has a a type of crystallization similar to one from a natural spring.

Test Report - Plocher Kat Treatment of Hawaii Rain Catchment System -

These tests clearly indicate the Plocher Kat's ability to considerably reduce harmful and pathogenic bacterial contamination.

Scientific evidence of the positive effects of the Plocher® E-Smog Protection Pendant -

The result of examination of the Plocher® E-Smog Protection Pendant shows that it has a stabilizing effect on the aura, and it changes the anticlockwise rotating, weakening radiation of the electro-smog field over into a clockwise rotating positive radiation.

Scientific evidence of the positive effects of the Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle -

The Plocher E-Smog Protection Angle changes the harmful influence of electricity so its negative effects on living organisms are switched off, and its positive effects can be recognized.

Scientific evidence of the positive effects of Plocher's Area Harmonizer -

The dowsing investigations illustrate that the Plocher Area Harmonizer has a very positive effect on areas which are loaded by spikes of geopathic stress.

Pig Trial Report from Spain -

Biologists and the Department of research and applied technology of Vic University (Sart) have conducted trials to validate the efficiency of Plocher products.

The effect of Plocher® on pig slurry: Profitability and Environmental Protection -

This European scientific study shows the effects of Plocher® energy system on the homogeneity of pig slurry and ...

University study on the influence of Plocher® slurry treatment on dairy cows' liquid manure -

Students from University of Sherbrooke, in Quebec, have conducted a comparative study between non-treated slurry and slurry treated with...

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