Electromagnetic Protection 

Being aware of the dangers of electromagnetic pollution allows us to limit them. We're all concerned - see how you can protect yourself.

What do you know of electromagnetic pollution (e-smog)? Fatigue, hyperactivity, stress and nervousness, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations are only some examples of the body’s reactions when exposed to electromagnetic fields. They affect us all, but to different degrees. See how Plocher® products can protect you.

What is electromagnetic pollution and how does it concern you exactly?

All of nature is surrounded by and permeated with invisible frequencies. For example, insects perceive frequencies of food or habitat from a distance with their antennae. The sounds we hear are also types of waves. In our body, our brain, nerves and heart naturally induce electric currents or fields. With modern electric and electronic technologies new unnatural frequencies appeared that have a noticeable and proven negative impact on humans and other living organisms. These polluting waves disturb our personal electromagnetic equilibrium and can affect our vital functions.

Our exposure to electromagnetic pollution doesn’t always leave visible marks in the short term and the effects can vary from one person to another, which makes it hard for us to perceive the consequences for our own health. We are all pretty much exposed to these fields, one way or another, at various levels (exposition time, distance, strength, etc.). As every person is unique, our reactions may differ.

It is not only you who is affected, but also your family, 
your pets and livestock, your gardens and fields. Look around you and assess your environment. Is your house located near electric towers? Do you have a conventional or a smart meter for calculating your electricity consumption? How many electrical appliances (even switched off they release frequencies) and wireless technologies do you have in your home? Do you work in a big office building or a hospital?

What kind of effects could you feel?

Since the end of the 90’s, more and more conclusive scientific studies talk about neurological reactions like fatigue, tingling sensations, headaches, dizziness and other various physical symptoms indicating electromagnetic sensitivity. According to a scientific article published in 2012 by Global Research, in other countries, Sweden to name only one, electro-hypersensitivity is recognized as a documented debilitating illness and much research has already proven the increase of the « poisoning » risks resulting from a prolonged exposition to radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields. In addition, these fields can cause reproductive system problems, depression, Alzheimer's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and diverse types of cancer (infantile as well as adult) – see the study of Magda Havas, Ph.D., teacher and researcher on biological effects of environmental contaminants at Trent University in Ontario, Canada. Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer (established in Lyon, France) classifies electromagnetic fields at extremely low frequencies as possibly carcinogenic.

So why do our governments and the popular media deny the risks? Are they influenced by the companies who produce such pollution and by the research they finance, which is thus biased? Are we dealing with a similar situation as that of the 50’s when doctors were saying smoking was good for your health?

What can you do?

In our modern society, we can hardly dispense with electricity and wireless technologies. Nonetheless, there are some small actions that you can take to protect you or limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields. For example, avoid keeping your cell phone on you at all times (like in a pocket); if you don’t want to connect to the Internet with a cable, you can at least turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not using it; same goes for the mobile data on your cell phone; you can refuse the installation of a smart meter to calculate your electricity utilisation; etc. Here at Symbionature Inc., we propose two protection devices that counter the effects of electromagnetic fields: the Plocher® E-Smog Protection Angle  and the Plocher® Area Harmonizer for houses and buildings and the Plocher® E-Smog Protection Pendant as individual protection. The first and second act on the source of your electricity at home or at work while repolarizing waves directly from the fuse box. The third, when kept on you, repolarizes electromagnetic frequencies generated by electricity, and also wireless radiation, as on those coming from cellphones, smart meters and Wi-Fi that cannot be corrected by the Angle.

Plocher® studied this form of pollution for many years to develop products that counteract the effects of electromagnetic fields. The energy circulating in living organisms turns to the right (dextrorotatory), while electromagnetic frequencies turn to the left (levorotatory). It is when a living entity’s polarization steers left that weaknesses can develop and be observed. The Plocher® Angle and Pendant have the ability to repolarize an organism's energy so it turns back again to the right as nature intended. 




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