Vitalize Your Water Naturally

Restore to your water its original fresh spring water vitality & structure!

"During my numerous researches, I noticed repeatedly that water treated with the Plocher® Kat shows a type of crystallization similar to one from a natural spring. The water treated with a Plocher Kat is definitely more vital and therefore more beneficial to humans, animals and plants."

Dr. E Langenscheidt, Institute of nuclear chemistry, Jülich Research Center 

 Over 35 years of research show that water treated with a Plocher® Kat regains its vitalizing properties.

Water is the basis of all life on our planet and essential to all living organisms. Less than 1% of the earth’s water reserves can be used as drinking water.  But it is so taken for granted, we often forget its vital importance. 

Today, water is exposed to a large number of stresses, which require complex technical and cost-intensive treatments. Water quality may be "correct" from a chemical, analytical point of view, but the energetic side of water, the energy source of water, is frequently ignored.

Due to the targeted catalytic effect of the Plocher® Kat, water can be returned to its original energetic spring water structure. That is, the Plocher® Kat provides its selected "information resonances" of spring water and vital oxygen to the water. 

This process achieves the desired vitalizing effect in drinking water. Thanks to the Plocher® Kat, the quality of tap water compares to that of spring water.

Vitality : the countless usual treatments (flocking, filtering, chlorination, ozone and oxygen dosing, UV radiations, etc.) that water undergoes, along with its transport through kilometres of pipes impede the energizing vitality of drinking water. Thanks to the Plocher® Kat, water can recover its original spring water structure. 

Hardening stabilization : the Plocher® Kat curbs the formation of calcium crystals, magnesium sulfate and magnesium; these deposits become softer and do not deposit on elements, glass or ceramic. The Plocher® Kat also manages to get rid of old deposits in pipes and on kitchen or industrial equipments. See these pipes, before and after the installation of a Plocher® Kat catalizer:

Results of « plocherized » drinking water analysis are: 

1. Bacteriologically :  drinking water is of better quality, colony-forming germs are greatly reduced. Coliforms like E. Coli cannot reproduce in the water, so their number gradually decreases. 

2. Chemically :  the Plocher® Kat has been found to reduce ammonium, nitrites and nitrates, as well as iron and manganese present in the water. Iron, copper and zinc pollution of the chlorinated water coming from domestic pipes is also reduced in drinking water. The Plocher® Kat also lowers chlorine levels and improves taste. 

You can view this Plocher document about water structure from the tap here


Bacteria don't like the vitalized and structured water of the Plocher® Kat

Thanks to the oxygen information transmitted by the Plocher® Kat and because it gives back to water a structure and a vitality resembling that of spring water, pathogenic bacteria don't reproduce easily and their numbers dwindle considerably. Here is one of the examples that was brought to our attention.

In 2004, in Compton, Quebec, two houses were supplied with water by the same surface well, located in an agricultural field. One of the house treated its water with a Plocher® Kat catalyzer, the other didn't.

Water samples were taken the same day, in each house, but the results were quite different, and impressive: 


Plocher® Kat treated water


Non treated water







Fecal coliforms


UFC/100 ml

0 UFC/100 ml


UFC/100 ml

Total coliforms


UFC/100 ml

10 UFC / 100 ml


UFC/100 ml



UFC/100 ml

0 UFC / 100 ml


UFC/100 ml

Atypical colonies


UFC/100 ml

200 UFC / 100 ml


UFC/100 ml

*TNI : too numerous to be identified

It is interesting to note that the reduction of pathogenic bacteria is due to a bioremediation of the milieu, and not to a bactericidal action. You can take a look at the original analysis here.

These results are comparable to those obtained on a Hawaii rain catchment system. The purpose of that test was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Plocher® Kat on Rain Catchment Systems and the degree it can correct undesired water parameters, like total coliforms et E. Coli:

  Control Day 1 Day 15 Day 30
Total Coliforms 65 45 32 23
Fecal E. Coli 30 2 2 0


This test clearly indicates the Plocher® Kat's ability to considerablay reduce harmful and pathogenic bacterial contamination introduced by animal waste into the catchment tank.

Important note: Coliforms are indigenous to tropical areas like Hawaii. The Plocher® Kat clearly demonstrates the reduction of fecal E. Coli. You can read the complete report here.


Want to learn more?

For those interested in water and water quality, we have found a remarkable video for you to watch. 

WATER: The Secret Power of Water*

This 20-minute excerpt is from one of the best documentaries we have ever found on the importance of water and its molecular structure. Note the discussion at the 7-minute mark on water’s capacity to memorize the information of all the materials it has been in contact with before it gets to you. This is where our Plocherkats are extremely useful: Not only do they revitalize water by restructuring it in a way resembling natural spring water, but they also help to erase memories of toxic pollutants, restoring it to a healthier state.

* The video is in French - To watch it with English subtitles, click CC on the bottom right. If the video isn’t translated automatically, click on the gear next to CC and choose “Automatic Translation” and then choose “English.”  Please note however that the quality of the translation is rather poor. Note also that the captions are easier to read in full screen.

Scientific Validation 

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry - Dr. E. Langenscheidt's study shows that water treated with the Plocher® Kat has a type of crystallization similar to one from a natural spring. He concludes that the water treated with a Plocher® Kat is definitely more vital and therefore more beneficial to humans, animals and plants. You can read Dr. E. Langenscheidt's conclusions here.

Hydrolix Research - Plocher Kat Treatment of Hawaii Rain Catchment System - These tests clearly indicate the Plocher® Kat's ability to considerably reduce harmful and pathogenic bacterial contamination. Read the complete test report here 

Tests Reports 

Notre-Dame School - Repeated tests at the Mont-Notre-Dame school in Sherbrooke, Quebec, have shown that cuttings placed in "plocherized" Sherbrooke water  develop faster and grow stronger than cuttings grown in Sherbrooke water alone.

African Violets - The purpose of this test was to demonstrate the energizing effect of the Plocher® Kat catalyser and Plocher® P plant support on watering plants. 

This picture speaks for itself... The results are amazing!!

Test protocol: Test length: two and a half weeks / Number of waterings of each pot: 7 / Light exposure identical for each plant / Same potting soil in each pot

Treatments applied

  1. Plant #1 watered with tap water
  2. Plant #2 watered with water vitalized with the Plocher Kat catalyser
  3. Plant #3 watered with water vitalized with the Plocher Kat catalyser + added Plocher P plant support in the water






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  • Since I installed the Plocher catalyzer to vitalize my water, my cows refuse to drink non treated water. And there's no more need for a water softener! W. B., dairy farmer - Saint-Sylvère (Quebec)